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We Buy houses that look like this!

Trap Houses!

Old Houses!

If You Can get the owner to show it to you we pay more!

We Pay You to Help us

We Teach you all you need

Find out how our Drivers and others

get around and talk to many people

earn in excess of $10,000.00

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Who is this perfect for?

Delivery Drivers and Regular People like you

Fedex Drivers Love referring to us

Fedex keeps me busy on my route but I haven't had a raise in years. I love earning extra money each month by sending ugly house pictures to Find House Get Paid. - Stanton Kiddlety

Amazon Drivers already notice things

I like working for Amazon but I really like getting paid. Getting paid to notice the homes I deliver to and refer them is great. -John Stott

UPS Drivers get around everywhere

I have been working for UPS for 10 years. I wish I had the ability to make extra money this whole time driving. I seen houses that look like this all the time! - Sonny Baderton

All Ages can do it

I am still in high school but I drive everywhere. Gas is expensive and my friends never pitch in. I just got my first check for $1,500.00 I dont even make that much in a month babysitting! - Jennifer Corel

Pizza / Uber Eats / Door Dash

Delivering food to people is cool, but I really like looking at old houses, messed up houses. Now every time I see one I slam on the brakes to get the address and a photo. Just like stopping to pick up a wallet found on the ground! -Jimmy Tider


Too many jobs out there offering less than $100k/year. Once I saw others getting paid well over that for doing this work I found joy in driving and looking for jewels. I did recon work in the military and this seems similar. Great money so far! - Jenson Templeton

Hear from a few more of our Drivers

Out in the streets each day

Amazon keeps me busy but I always feel like I could use some more money at the beginning of each month. I started noticing properties these guys are looking for and started submitting them. I just got paid $10,000.00 as a referral fee on one they bought!

James Sigmund

No Brainer for me to submit information I already receive in the line of my work delivering packages. I am so glad I found this!

Devon Lestro

I enjoy doing this over most other jobs I have held. Less stressful for sure!

Roger Mustrolo

We look forward to paying you for the information you bring us that is critical to our process.

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